sábado, 17 de outubro de 2015

rFactor 2 | Atualização V2 Mónaco 1966

A caminho do grande lançamento para o Steam (e já com promoções pelo meio), a ISI lança mais duas grandes atualizações para o rFactor, e disponibiliza a versões 2.0 das pistas do Mónaco e de Spa (imagens noutra notícia).

Implemented latest RealRoad shader
Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance
Cleaned up and improved road texture set
Made road textures tile better
Improved road wet masks
Improved trackedge and sidewalk specularity and wet mask
Replaced textured stripes with physical ones
Rebalanced painted stripes textures
Implemented new terrain shader
Vertex painted terrain for new terrain shader
Remapped terrain for new terrain shader
Fixed a few minor terrain gaps
Fixed a few missing terrain shadows
Optimized armco and other barrier objects for smoother performance
Optimized fence textures and materials
Enhanced stone walls normal maps
Made tunnel a bit darker
Improved sponsor logos
Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance
Applied subtle random vertex colours to vegetation
Improved vegetation texture set
Fixed transparent tree issue
Reduced vegetation flickering
Removed messy cubemap reflection property from building materials
Optimized building materials
Optimized building objects for better and smoother performance
Fixed smoothing on buildings
Cleaned up and improved building textures
Optimized LOD and shadow distances on all objects for better performance
Optimized grandstands
Optimized crowds
Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures
Slightly improved marshal textures
Removed pitlane props to reduce the load in the busiest area
Fixed various UV glitches
Fixed dozens –if not hundreds– of object and shadow popups
Cleaned up messy wet reflections
Repopulated all reflection maps
Tweaked fog values
Optimized and cleaned up night lighting glitches
Reverted MIP Map bias to default
Updated TDF to latest set of values
Set speed limit to 999
Defined more realistic movable object reactions
Removed HDR Profiles
Cleaned up, replaced and improved trackside cameras
Replaced loading screen with new HD version
Improved AIW
Added Test Team RRBINs

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